Pulper - Fiberprep Helico Pulper

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Pulper - Fiberprep Helico Pulper

Batch Pulping and Detrashing System

The pulper is a Fiberprep Helico Pulper that operates at a 16% consistency. Typical batches are 16,000 lbs. The function of the pulper is to break down the paper into individual fibers and ink particles for separation and removal later in the system. A Q-Jet steam heater regulates temperatures to the pulper. Temperatures normally range from 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Although pulping is performed at neutral PH conditions, surfactant and caustic soda are plumbed to the pulper and available for use.

The batch sequence includes five steps:

Filling of the pulper
Pulper discharge
Detrashing unit reject discharge

This batch sequence is typical for processing wastepaper.

Detrashing Screen

Pulp discharged from the pulper passes through a Fiberprep Batch Scavenger, SJB model IV, with ¼” perforations. The detrashing screen removes course debris before the dump chests for high consistency pulping. Rejects from the detrashing unit go to a Rayfo compactor press that dewaters and reduces the volume of the rejects sent to the landfill. The accepted fiber slurry is sent to the dump chest at a consistency of 4 percent. The dump chest has a capacity of 158,000 gallons of pulp. The chest has an agitator to maintain a reasonably uniform outlet consistency to the pulp supplying the high density cleaners.

The consistency to the pump is reduced at the pump suction from 4 percent to 3.5 percent the addition of dilution water in-line. The control for the volume of dilution water is governed by a consistency measurement device downstream of the pump.